I’m nothing more than a fangirl who’s 17 and loves, lives, and breathes Hetalia. I love photography and writing though I’m a real beginner at both of them but I still write fanfictions and take bad pictures~! Oh well. I live in a shitty apartment with my family in a shitty city that made me the depressed black emo-goth-hipster-techy chick that I am.

And I’m a little okay with that. I dreamed of leaving this place but without it I wouldn’t have met the really good 4-5 friends that I know won’t fuck me over when I need them. So that’s cool.

I’m also socially awkward. I spend most of my time inside, in my room, on the computer or Xbox, and I don’t give any shits. It’s because it’s normal to me. I’ll leave the house every now and then but I hate talking to people.

Whatever, I write stories and fanfictions, I take pictures with an iPhone 3GS, I’m an Hetalian, I roleplay Italy from Hetalia, I have 3 tumblrs, and I’m in the Youtube fandom.

I’m such a teen :).

Youtube Tumblr
Yaoi Tumblr
Another Personal Tumblr
Youtube Instagram
GerIta Instagram
An Instagram that I will make soon
Deviant Art
Another Deviant Art


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